Why Change to EcoPro, How it Works and FAQs

4 Reasons to Choose EcoPro Pillow Covers

EcoPro Products Save Money

1. Save Money

Do you know how much you spend on just pillowcase laundry? Use our interactive calculator to find out here.
  • Cloth pillowcases cost $1000/year per treatment table (2 pillows/table)
  • Paper pillowcases cost: $3000/year per treatment table (2 pillows/table)
  • EcoPro Pillow Covers cost: $160/year per treatment table (2 pillows/table)
* This math assumes a full-time PT uses the treatment table for 3600 visits/year (280 visits/month) and EcoPro Pillow Covers last for 3 years

2. Save Time

Do you know how much time is wasted on laundry in your clinic?
  • From start to finish, clinic laundry wastes over 130 hours of your valuable time each year; even more if you have to take it to a laundry facility or home.
  • EcoPro pillow covers require NO laundering. They are cleaned by simply spraying with disinfectant and wiping off; the same as cleaning your treatment table.
EcoPro Save Water

3. Save Water

Do you know how much water your pillowcases waste?
  • A washing machine uses up to 40 gallons of water per load.
  • In a clinic with 2 full time PT’s, ~260 loads of laundry are done each year (1 load per day) wasting 10,400 gallons of water per year. This is enough water to fill a residential swimming pool!
  • Each EcoPro Pillow Cover saves 2,600 gallons of water per year.
EcoPro Save Energy

4. Save Energy

Do you know how much energy your pillowcases waste?
  • A washer and dryer wastes 5500 watts of electricity per load; equivalent to the energy consumption of a 3 person household for an entire year!

How It Works

The EcoPro pillow cover is a revolutionary new product that replaces the wasteful cloth and paper pillow covers commonly used in the health/wellness industry with a soft, durable and easy to clean alternative.

The EcoPro pillow cover does not require laundering; it is cleaned with the products you already use to clean your treatment tables.

This frees up time to do more of the things that actually make money for your business, while at the same time conserving our natural resources. And, don’t worry about patient comfort because they are made from a very soft, faux leather material which many patients actually prefer to cloth pillow cases.

Drew Spraying EcoPro Pillow

How much does your pillowcase laundry cost?

How to use your new EcoPro pillow cover:

  1. Insert a standard pillow (not provided) of your choosing through the open end of the pillow cover.
  2. Close the zippered closure. You will notice that a small hanging loop has been placed at the zippered end.
  3. This hanging loop may be left out for hanging extra pillows that are not in use (hooks not provided), or may be tucked inside the pillow when not needed.
  4. Now simply wipe both sides of the pillow cover down the same way you clean your treatment tables. Most disinfecting cleaners or wipes are appropriate. Allow to dry completely prior to use.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the savings!

Ready to purchase your own?

“At OPPT, we love our new pillow covers! Not only do we have less laundry, we do not have to spend time changing pillowcases either. The EcoPro pillow covers make our clinic look so much neater.”

- Beth Patterson
PT, DPT, SCS, CHC/Optimal Performance and Physical Therapies

Eco friendly products for healthcare professionals

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