"We started using the EcoPro pillow covers last month and love them! All of our therapists like using them, as do our patients. I am very pleased with the product so far and by my estimates they will pay for themselves in a few months in laundry savings alone. We are generating about 40% of the laundry we were previously using in the clinic and on top of that the EcoPro pillow is more sanitary and easy to clean. I was concerned that they would be stiff to work with my cervical spine patients and was very pleased to see they have a soft texture and really were no stiffer than a conventional pillow."

Mark Campbell

MSPT, OCS, CMPT/President, Peak Performance Therapy

“Brilliant concept! We use EcoPro pillow covers in our clinics – our patients and staff love them. Even with our own in-house laundry available, the ROI of EcoPro is well worth it.”

Larry Benz

PT, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAAP/President/CEO, Confluent Health

"We recently replaced all of our pillowcases with EcoPro pillow covers. Patients love them and so does my staff... no more folding laundry! Great, high quality product!"

David Browder

PT, DPT, OCS/Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

How much does your pillowcase laundry cost?

“We were paying $20 a week per branch in just pillowcase laundry cost, and we are thrilled to be using EcoPro Reusable Pillow Covers now! Not only does it save us in cost, but it saves us time during the busy work day to change pillowcases. This gives us more time for what we love – patient care! As for the response in the clinic…it has been great! They are modern, professional, very comfortable and easy to wipe.”

Melanie Broome

PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS/Panhandle Orthopaedics

“We purchased EcoPro pillow covers for our clinic and they are really cutting back on laundry!”

Sean Malone

PTA, ATC/ProRehab

“It’s so nice not wasting so much paper. It’s so much more green to wipe down the physical therapy pillow cover & bed rather than using lots of paper for each patient.”

Jennifer F.

Physical Therapy Patient

“At OPPT, we love our new pillow covers! Not only do we have less laundry, we do not have to spend time changing pillowcases either. The EcoPro pillow covers make our clinic look so much neater.”

Beth Patterson

PT, DPT, SCS, CHC/Optimal Performance and Physical Therapies

Eco friendly products for healthcare professionals

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