How many clinicians work in your clinic ?

How many treatment tables are in your clinic ?

Total # of loads of pillowcase laundry/year

{{FTEs*130 | number}}

Total Cost of pillowcase laundry/year

{{FTEs*130*7.75 | currency}}

Number of Pillows in your clinic

{{treatmentTables*2 | number}}

Total Cost of Pillow Covers

{{treatmentTables*2*59.95| currency}}

Total Cost of Pillow Covers/Year

{{treatmentTables*2*59.95/5| currency}}

The EcoPro Pillow Cover is a soft, comfortable pillowcase alternative designed to be sprayed and wiped clean just like treatment tables.

{{(FTEs*130*7.75) - (treatmentTables*2*59.95/5) | currency}}

per year